GS Prelims Test Series Programme


Prelims Test Series Programme is one of the most sought-after short-term course offered by ALS. The programme is meticulously designed with special focus on framing multiple choice questions which will ensure preparedness for participants to deal with the unexpected. It encompasses of 31 tests at three levels. Level-l is based on foundation and basic learning, while Level-ll is premised on advanced learning. Level-Ill is the final level which comprises simulated tests.

Level-I: Building the Foundation is a course exclusively designed to make oneself stronger in the fundamental of various aspects of General Studies required for the IAS Preliminary Examination. This course helps them build stronger foundation and attain the skills needed to master the subject.

Level-2: This programme involves 11 module based tests. It is a comprehensive programme for IAS Preliminary Examination. This course has especially been designed keeping in mind the needs of advanced learners who already have gone through the syllabus once. Analysing the pattern of previous years' questions could reveal that a deeper understanding of various subjects is needed to crack Preliminary Examination. The full proof preparation could be done only with constant practice and updation.

Level-3: Simulated Tests have been specifically designed keeping in mind the exact pattern of the Preliminary Examination. These tests will provide hands on experience and finally prepare you for taking up the Preliminary Examination.

Special Feature: During this programme, participants will get an opportunity to judge their present preparedness for Prelims through All India Simulated Test.

This Programme is for People who are committed to clear the Preliminary Examination in one go. It is for people who want to test their knowledge under examination condition and manage their stress and time. Self-Evaluation after each test will make you measure your progress in the Course. Discussion on each question will be taken up after each test and all your doubts will be clarified. In short, these programmes are for you and people like you.

Programme Highlights
  • Make you aware and comfortable with the changing pattern of the paper
  • Let you easily meet all the challenges in tackling the questions
  • Help you understand the approach one should take with respect to negative marking
  • Improvement in time management
  • How to make use of spatio-temporal mental maps
  • Help you learn the art of elimination and zeroing down to correct answers
  • Train you how to employ spontaneous judgment and use of common sense
  • Make you understand various ways in which one can use extra-disciplinary knowledge to answer the questions of a particular discipline
  • How to prepare and tackle the question on Current Affairs
  • Let you comprehend the techniques for answering the questions on assertion reasoning and other specific category of questions
  • How to avoid blunders in the examination hall