Manoj K Singh

Managing Director

Manoj Kumar Singh is an educationist and philanthropist with a passion for enabling the students to give their best by helping them optimize their potential. As one of the founders and Managing Director of ALS-IAS Institutes with their headquarters at Delhi, Manoj K Singh has helped in charting out career paths for thousands of young minds at one of the leading group of institutions preparing students for Civil Services at three centres in the National Capital Region & five centres spread all over India.

A brilliant student and a person with unmatched courage of conviction and tenacity of purpose, Manoj is characterized by his extraordinary humanity. Ever since he himself started planning to sit for the Civil Services Examinations, he turned his focus on helping others, especially those from a less privileged background, in achieving the rare feat of getting success at the Civil Services Examinations. Very soon, he emerged as a role model and a source of inspiration for a large number of students coming to Delhi from remote and backward areas, and despite being successful at the written examinations, he gave up his pursuit for a job as a civil servant and started coaching the civil service aspirants. His penchant for providing motivational and well structured educational support has seen him unfold success stories of hundreds of students who have been joining civil services, year after year, under his able guidance, many of whom have been amongst the toppers.

Manoj K Singh is a visionary with exemplary dedication and dynamism when it comes to turning his vision into reality. His innate creativity combined with a high degree of critical acumen has seen him attain success in almost all his pursuits, both as an educationist as well as an entrepreneur. A man with child-like innocence and a cheerful disposition, Manoj has innovative skills which are put to good use by him from time to time to serve humanity at large with an immense sense of compassion and social responsibility. He instills positivity and an insatiable hunger for knowledge and success amongst his students who adore him for his leadership qualities as a motivator par-excellence and someone who strikes a chord easily for getting the best out of the students.

Manoj K Singh has had an extremely successful stint as an educator and leader in education management in different institutions of great standing and repute. As the Director of IMT-CDL Study Centre, he was instrumental in imparting quality management education by Distance & e-learning mode. Under his able leadership, it emerged as one of the best managed study centres of IMT-CDL.

As a member of the faculty at ALS- IAS, he enjoys immense popularity and admiration from the students for keeping the focus sharpened constantly on the benefit of the students with whom he also enjoys great rapport as a friend, philosopher and guide. He makes learning so simple by his innovative and interesting pedagogical methods and style that students always keep looking forward to his classes. As a counselor and a mentor, he has helped shape the careers of thousands of students in the last two decades and has been a great source of inspiration for his faculty, too. As an excellent writer, he heads “The Competition Wizard”, a magazine that is extremely popular with Civil Services’ aspirants.

A man of many qualities and God-gifted virtues, Manoj has a blessed voice and singing abilities which are absolutely rare amongst singers and musicians who have not been formally trained. He can compose the lyrics as well as the music, extempore, effortlessly which acts as a source of bonding between him, his peers and students. He is the live wire of any cultural event or get-together where he is able to ignite the audience with his inimitable performance.

Above all, Manoj Kumar Singh is an extraordinary human being. He is humane, kind-hearted and considerate to all, especially the members of his staff who admire and respect him for his ability to appreciate their problems with a lot of regard for their sensitivities by his passion to care for and share with one and all.

Manish K Gautam

Chief Executive Director

Manish Kumar Gautam stands as a shining beacon of knowledge and inspiration. More than just a cherished educator, he is a trusted confidant to his students. With a distinguished background as an alumnus of Banaras Hindu University, CLC (DU) and having served as Deputy Commandant at CISF, he ardently believes that students mirror the virtues of their teachers. Consequently, he consistently radiates positivity, optimism, and an unwavering commitment to self-growth and development.

In his role as a mentor at ALS, he empowers aspirants to fortify their grasp of Current Affairs. As the head of the Interview Training Program, he instils confidence and imparts mastery of interview techniques to the students. Over the course of 18 years, he has generously shared his expertise through Thought Provoking Sessions in crucial General Studies areas including Indian Polity & Constitution, Environment & Ecology, Indian Geography &Internal Security with his dedicated students.

His mentorship has paved the way for countless students to reach their ultimate aspiration: a coveted place within the Indian Civil Services.

Furthermore, he is a highly regarded national motivational speaker, recognized for his exceptional ability to conduct career guidance and IAS seminars at numerous prestigious institutions throughout India, including the esteemed IIT, IIM, and various Central and State Universities. Recently, he has also become a prominent panel expert on leading news channels, contributing to insightful news hour discussions.

He has been one of the primary driving force behind the success of ALS and its students and his work continues to inspire his students long after they have passed through the corridors of powers in Indian Civil Services.

Jojo Mathew

Chief Operating Officer

Hailing from a picturesque village in Kerala, Jojo Mathew embarked on his educational journey at Nirmala High School/College, Muvattupuzha, where he laid the foundation of his academic pursuits. His quest for knowledge led him to graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the esteemed NIT Durgapur (formerly REC Durgapur) in the year 1992.

His journey in preparing for the Civil Services Exam mirrors that of a dedicated student who, despite undergoing the Main Exam thrice and participating in the Interview twice, did not secure a spot on the final list. Fueled by this experience, he redirected his path towards mentoring civil services hopefuls since 1998.

Jojo Mathew's expertise spans across a multitude of General Studies modules, encompassing Science & Technology, Indian Polity & Constitution, International & Bilateral Relations, General Geography, Current Affairs, and more. His exceptional talent lies in comprehending, analyzing, and forging connections between diverse subjects, thus offering a holistic perspective that elevates candidates' performance.

Jojo Mathew's commitment extends to his innovative approach in crafting tailored preparation strategies for aspiring candidates.

He possesses an exceptional talent for coaching candidates in preparation for the interview test of the civil services examination.

For the past 25 years, Jojo Mathew has excelled as an educator, mentor, and coach, driven by a singular dream: to empower every student with the ambition to become a Civil Servant, regardless of their caste, creed, or religion.

Rajkumar Singh

Chief Advisor

Shri Rajkumar Singh, an esteemed representative, currently serves as the honorable member of the Bihar Legislative Assembly, representing the Matiahani constituency in Begusarai. He holds the pivotal role of Whip within the ruling party of Bihar, standing as a deputy minister with an unwavering commitment to public service.

A distinguished alumnus of the illustrious Ramjas College at the University of Delhi, he earned his degree with honors in History, setting the foundation for an extraordinary journey. Embarking on his career as an educator, Shri Rajkumar Singh passionately guides and mentors civil service aspirants, illuminating their paths towards excellence.

Beyond his exceptional dedication to education, Shri Rajkumar Singh is a recognized entrepreneur, shaping the business landscape with his visionary ventures. His multifaceted role as a prominent politician underlines his commitment to driving positive change in the region.

His charisma and unwavering dedication have made him a revered figure, particularly among the youth of Bihar, who find in him an inspirational and dynamic leader.

Sheetal Sharma


Sheetal Sharma stands as a stalwart figure at ALS. An avid and perpetual learner, she possesses an extensive repository of real-time knowledge on day-to-day current affairs. She channels this wealth of information into crafting invaluable learning resources, smartly choosing facts and content from the vast ocean of content books/sources available thereby solidifying her role in enhancing the educational journey for ALS students.

As a testament to her dedication, she holds a pivotal role as a core faculty member at ALS, leveraging her passion for teaching to empower IAS aspirants with in-depth knowledge on current affairs, helping students in learning & memorizing techniques which help them in their exam preparation.

She also possesses expertise in easing the preparation with her smart yet simple strategies which she has gained over a period of years through studying , teaching and analysing syllabus pattern and past year questions trend.

Sheetal Sharma, a tech-savvy luminary, propels ALS forward with pioneering social media campaigns, setting the benchmark for innovation and modernity. Sheetal has an excellent connect with students, finds joy in composing articles on significant events and providing IAS aspirants with valuable preparation material that is both insightful and essential.