Founded in the pristine character of flawless teaching methodology and fine mentoring, ALS has driven students to attain time-sensitive goals and smoothly adapt into leadership roles that shape India.

At the core of the institute lies a vibrant and truly diverse community. Underpinning its offering is a network of gifted communicators - expert and enthusiastic teachers, who are dedicated to making their courses both academically rigorous and immensely enjoyable. Fellow classmates equally eager to learn and expand their horizons are under-graduates, graduate and post-graduate students and working professionals from diverse backgrounds, bringing other 'life experience' to the classroom.

ALS has been loftily nurturing their pupils and seeing them crack the Civil Services Examination with poise. There is a rationale why around 20 percent of seats are secured annually by ALS alumni. The institute offers a rich and rewarding mix of courses, creative teaching methodology and maximal academic exposure in an inspirational environment. It all adds up to a winning combination of innovation and tradition: the best of both worlds.

The plenary alternative learning technology that is employed in the classrooms at ALS since 2003 is based on the concept of lateral thinking, It is formulated to promote creativity, critical thinking and effortless learning. The classroom sessions are supplemented with learning aids and exhaustive study material that result in timely completion of the courses while offering panoptic coverage and an unwavering foundation.

Students are welcomed into the committed community and encouraged to share their experiences, narratives, skills and backgrounds to evoke a sense of cross-disciplinary study supported with structured educational programmes to model their respective career choices and let them become true citizens of the world.

The legacy of ALS cannot be summarised. It can be experienced. Take the oath to enlist.